born in Zurich/Switzerland
studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna; Master Classes of Painting Rudolf Hausner and Walter Eckert
drawings and intaglio prints, especially drypoint
painting in oil and tempera, influenced by the American Abstract Expressionists; some works are on a large scale
since 1993
resumption of the graphical techniques and further development of the conceptions of the densely structured drawings of the 1970s
since 2008
works in glass in cooperation with Geyling, Vienna. Sheets of white glass are worked on with diamond scribers (stippling) and then enamel colours are applied. Three-dimensional objects are created both by layering the glass sheets in frames and by melting the enamelled glass sheets.
ab 2012
mainly works in Indian ink on paper
since 1986
exhibitions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland Works in public collections, e.g. Albetina Museum Vienna, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Kunsthaus Zurich