Roswitha Ennemoser Notiz notes or flyer on Peter Wechsler

Perhaps one is at the edge of definition, where the artist’s abstraction turns into the observer’s constructive thought pattern connecting the tiny interwoven constructions in the field of vision to micro- and macrostructures. This handwriting’s high degree of abstraction in flight crystallizes into poetry. A bird’s eye view turns landscapes of foreign stars into recorded history. Unknown time dimensions. In the distance linear formations emerge on meteorites. But as soon as the observer realizes that the poetic moment is his own, he also has the experience of becoming himself his own observer and statistician: namely as the statistician of his eye movements, his field of vision, scanning the nodal points in the network, tracing them. With Wechsler the starting point in abstraction is not the poetic view, his intersection point of line and hand lies in exact contemplation and analysis: in perception of organic and inorganic structures and in the self-perception of the executant, in conscious thought about structure, tension, material and time.